Ceramic Industry

SGCD's Bopp Testifies Before Subcommittee on TRI Lead Regulations

December 5, 2001
Andrew Bopp, executive director of the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators (SGCD), recently testified on the EPA's new Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) lead rule before the House Small Business Committee, Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform and Oversight. Bopp's testimony was one of five heard by the committee chaired by Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) that pointed out major flaws in the EPA's economic analysis of changes in the TRI reporting of lead and lead compounds. During his testimony, Bopp urged the committee to require federal agencies to meet and learn from small businesses before issuing regulatory proposals, noting that this would help to ensure that federal agencies properly assess the impact of regulatory proposals on small businesses. Of the five witnesses, Chairman Pence singled out SGCD's testimony as "eye-opening" and added that the EPA's poor economic impact analysis concerning the TRI lead rule and the glass and ceramic decorating industry was "breathtaking."

Although the committee does not have power to force the EPA to revisit the rule without a vote of the full House and Senate, it is expected that the committee will join efforts by other House and Senate committees and individual representatives and senators to encourage EPA Administrator Christie Whitman to issue a comprehensive scientific research charge to the EPA's Science Advisory Board (SAB) to determine whether the TRI rule is based on sound science.

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