Ceramic Industry

SGCD's Klinefelter Urges the EPA to Delay TRI Lead Rule

July 13, 2002
Nancy Klinefelter, a Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators (SGCD) board member and president of Baltimore Glassware Decorators, testified before the House Small Business Regulatory Reform & Oversight Committee on June 13 about serious problems with the EPA's new Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) lead rule. Klinefelter focused on the retroactive aspect of the rule, which forces glass and ceramic decorators and other businesses to report lead use data starting on January 1, 2001, even though the rule was not issued until April 17, 2001. To address this problem, Klinefelter urged the EPA to postpone the rule for one year to enable companies to assemble more reliable information. Under the TRI rule as issued, decorators and other companies must complete TRI reports for lead usage retroactively to January 1, 2001, if using at least 100 lbs of lead per year and if the company has 10 or more employees. TRI reports for 2001 were due on July 1, 2002, and lead in colors and decals must be traced as part of this reporting system.

Call (703) 838-0130 or e-mail andyb@sgcd.org with questions about TRI compliance. The EPA also provides assistance at its website, http://www.epa.gov/tri.