Ceramic Industry

SGCDpro Warns of New Press Coverage of Shrek Glasses Recall

October 13, 2010

SGCDpro has released an alert to members that new media stories may be published regarding the Shrek recall and pending federal and state limits for cadmium. AP reporter Justin Pritchard filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) test results related to the Shrek recall. Pritchard told SGCDpro executive director Myra Warne that CPSC claims that the Puss 'n Boots glass would harm a child with just eight times of “touching” the glass. He noted CPSC indicated no appreciable leaching from the other glass designs using the wipe test specified for vinyl.

Warne and SGCDpro past president Wayne Zitkus both explained to Pritchard that this scenario would be impossible given that the glass featured a vitrified decoration. SGCDpro has shared its test results for Shrek glass series with Pritchard, as well as with the Chicago Tribune for a similar story.

For additional details, visit www.sgcd.org.