Ceramic Industry

Shenango Advanced Ceramics Formed

October 29, 2002
On September 30, 2002, Shenango Refractories was sold by The Pfaltzgraff Co. to Shenango Advanced Ceramics, LLC, a new company owned by experienced veterans in the ceramic industry. The new owners are Mike Atkins, Bill Augur, Chand Associates Inc., and Brad Olson. Atkins, previously the divisional VP/general manager for Shenango Refractories, will serve as the new company's president. Augur, previously the sales manager for Shenango Refractories, has been named VP-sales. Chand Associates Inc., a leader in the industry for ceramic machining and an important manufacturer of porous metal filters and flow control devices, has nominated Ron Chand to serve as CEO of the new company. Olson, owner of Nova Industrial Ceramics, a leader in advanced silicon carbide products, will serve as VP-technology.

Shenango Advanced Ceramics, LLC will continue the tradition of exceptional products and friendly service. In addition, the new company will introduce lightweight and high-strength nitride-bonded silicon carbide products to complement the current cordierite and recrystalized silicon carbide product lines. Coupled with the new advanced materials will be a larger selection of new products manufactured by the company's business partners in Brazil.

The new company is located at 606 McCleary Ave., New Castle, PA 16103. For more information, call (724) 652-6668, fax (724) 652-6664 or visit http://www.shenangoceramics.com .