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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments: Autosampler

January 29, 2002
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced its new SIL-HT series HPLC autosamplers. These stand alone, high-speed, high-capacity autosamplers feature built in, full function system controllers to enable cost effective integration into virtually any modular setup. Ideal for high throughput laboratories, the SIL-HT can accommodate up to 310 1 mL vials, 210 1.5 mL vials and 100 4 mL vials, as well as up to 4 titer plates either 384 or 96-well format. The new autosamplers incorporate a number of design innovations that result in excellent repeatability and near zero sample carryover. A needle-in-the-flow-path injection method, coupled with a high precision metering pump, provides superior repeatability and a "no loss" sample application.,p>For more information, call (800) 477-1277 or visit http://www.ssi.shimadzu.com.