Ceramic Industry

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments: Thermal Analysis System for Polymers

June 11, 2002
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the PY2020 thermal analysis system for its QP series GC/MS instruments. The new system enables selective GC/MS analysis of polymers by pyrolysis, thermal desorption/pyrolysis and evolved gas analysis (EGA). Pyrolysis can be used for macromolecular and other nonvolatile components. For pyrolysis applications, the sample cup free-falls into the furnace, where the sample is instantly pyrolyzed with excellent reproducibility. The GC separates the fragments and the MS identifies them. Thermal desorption/pyrolysis allows analysis of volatile compounds such as residual solvents, monomers, antioxidants and stabilizers. EGA allows on-line MS analysis of compounds over a wide programmed temperature range.

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