Ceramic Industry

SiNeramics: Silicon Nitride Ceramics

November 27, 2000
SiNeramics offers two classes of ceramic -- a non-densified reaction- bonded silicon nitride (RBSN), and a fully densified sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitride (S/RBSN). According to the company, both can be processed in hours and can be shaped near-net for rapid, low-cost finishing. The RBSN material reportedly features excellent high temperature strength, thermal shock resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion. The S/RBSN material is much stronger and tougher than high-range alumina, the company reports, and exhibits even higher thermal shock resistance. For additional information, call (248) 542-6756, fax (248) 542- 6784 or e-mail rbass@sineramics.com.