Ceramic Industry

Sintering Center Established

August 6, 2000
With the aid of a $1 million grant from the Pennsylvania Technology Investment Authority (PTIA), Penn State engineers have established a Center for Innovative Sintered Products (CISP) to serve the powder metal and particulate materials industry—40% of which is concentrated in Pennsylvania’s north central region.

Dr. Randall German, who heads the new center, says the CISP team (which includes 35 Penn State faculty members) is targeting activities in three thrust areas: functionally designed structures, time compression technologies and complex precision structures. These targeted activities are expected to improve product quality, features, size range, shape, complexity and material base for the industry, as well as decrease the time to market and cost of product development. For additional information, visit www.dced.state.pa.us or contact Erica Clayton at (717) 783-1132.