Ceramic Industry

Small Precision Tools: CIM Services

September 5, 2006
Sophisticated ceramic injection molding (CIM) technology at Small Precision Tools' (SPT) facility in Petaluma, Calif., produces micro-miniature components with features as small as 18 ┬Ám (0.0007 in.). Micro-CIM parts weighing as little as 0.0004 gm serve in a wide variety of applications where high temperatures and caustic environments preclude most metals and engineered thermoplastics. SPT's CIM is a very repeatable manufacturing process suited to either high- or low-volume components that are difficult, costly, or impractical to produce via traditional forming methods. At SPT, CIM is a net-shape process that offers designers the advantages of ultra-hard materials without the costs associated with other manufacturing methods. Partnering with SPT during the design stage allows engineers to take full advantage of the CIM process while minimizing lead time and costs.

For additional information, e-mail CIM@sptca.com.