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Smaller is Better: Fine, Ultrafine and Nano Particles 2001

September 1, 2001
Business Communications Co. will host Fine, Ultrafine and Nano Particles 2001 on October 14-17 in Chicago, Ill. Featured will be three keynote lectures, two full days of invited oral presentations, two pre-conference tutorial workshops, a product exhibition, a technical poster session and a tour of Nanosphase Technologies Corp.’s manufacturing facilities.


The first keynote lecture of the conference will be “Nanocrystals: From Scaling Laws to Applications.” Prof. A. Paul Alivisatos, chancellor’s professor of chemistry and materials science at the University of California, Berkeley, will discuss shape control of nanocrystals, nanocrystal-polymer composites and biological applications of semiconductor nanocrystals.

In the second keynote lecture, Dr. Donald J. Freed, vice president, business development, Nanosphase Technologies Corp., will discuss “Strategies for the Commercialization of Nanomaterials.” His presentation will include information on emerging trends and applications for nanomaterials, NanoEngineered Products™, and marketing nanomaterials in the real world. Dr. M.C. Roco, senior advice for the National Science Foundation, will discuss “Nanoparticles for Functional Nanostructures and Devices” in the third and final keynote lecture. Topics to be discussed include unique properties and functions of nanoparticles, manufacturing processes, assembling nanoparticles into materials and devices, and R&D programs on nanoparticles.

Other technical sessions will include “Market Analysis of Nanostructured Materials: New Data,” “Medical Applications of Nanostructured Materials,” “On-line Particle Characterization: Techniques and Applications,” “Producing Sintered Parts from SiC Nanoparticles,” “Nano Dimensions in Industrial Applications” and “Ultrafine Nickel Powders for Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor Manufacturing.”

Pre-Conference Workshops

Two pre-conference tutorial workshops, which require separate registration, will be held Sunday, October 14. In “Self-Assembly Science, Technology and Applications,” instructors will highlight developments in the field of self-assembly chemistry, with emphasis on new materials, nanomaterials, nanocomposites and novel devices for advanced technologies.

The second workshop will be “Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) in Next Generation Semiconductor/Electronics Polishing: Fundamentals of Slurry Design.” Topics to be covered include current status, market size and market drivers; principles of slurry design; standard slurry formulations; electrochemistry and chemical effects; and slurry stability issues.

Other Events

A wine and cheese networking reception on Sunday evening, plus regular breaks and luncheons throughout the conference, will provide attendees with plenty of opportunities to meet with peers. In addition, Monday’s program will end with a poster session and reception, and there will also be an outing Monday night to The Second City, the world-renowned comedy club in Chicago.

The final event of the conference will be a tour of Nanophase Technologies’ two manufacturing facilities in suburban Chicago on Wednesday, October 17. The tour will depart at 8:30 a.m. and return by 4:30 p.m., following a stop at O’Hare Airport.

For More Information

For more information on Fine, Ultrafine and Nano Particles 2001, contact Business Communications Co., 25 Van Zant St., Norwalk, CT 06855; (203) 853-4266; fax (203) 853-0348; e-mail conference@bccresearch.com or visit http://www.bccresearch.com.