Ceramic Industry

SMP Announces Issuance of Nickel Patent

December 5, 2001
Superior MicroPowders LLC (SMP) recently announced the issuance of its latest patent related to the production of advanced nickel-based powders. SMP's newly issued patent, U.S. 6,316,100, entitled, "Nickel powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same," offers intellectual property protection on a range of nickel-based composite powders. The claims issued in the patent relate to unique nickel-based powders that can only be produced by SMP's proprietary spray-based manufacturing technology. The materials protected under the patent have applications in a number of markets, including the multilayer ceramic capacitor market, where composite nickel powders such as nickel-titanate composites offer the ability to control shrinkage and oxidation during firing, which could ultimately lead to higher manufacturing yields and lower costs.

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