Ceramic Industry

Snell Infrared: Thermo Sensing and Imaging CD-ROM

August 25, 2003

An extensive collection of infrared application papers chosen from past Thermosense conferences is now available on CD-ROM from Snell Infrared. This culmination of papers, dating back to 1980, contains information from some of the finest thermographers in the world. The papers have been divided into two categories -- Predictive Maintenance/Thermal Nondestructive Testing and Materials Evaluation. The papers, which can be viewed by category, year of publication, keywords and author names, are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (Adobe reader is included on the CD). Infrared thermography is a rapidly growing technology used in a number of industries to solve maintenance, materials and production problems.

The CD is available for $115, plus shipping and handling. To order or for more information, call (800) 636-9820 or visit http://www.snellinfrared.com/_store .