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SPECIAL REPORT: 2008 Discovery Awards

July 31, 2008
The annual Discovery Awards competition recognizes outstanding design and technical achievements in the decoration of ceramic and glassware.

Custom Deco received the Judges’ Award for overall merit.

Sponsored by the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators (SGCD), the annual Discovery Awards competition recognizes outstanding decorating ceramic and glassware design and technical achievements. All entries were displayed in the SGCD’s Discovery Room during DECO 2008 in Orlando, Fla., April 16-19.

The DECO ’08 awards ceremony was held Friday evening, April 18, at the Omni ChampionsGate in Orlando. Paul F. Duffer received the Frank S. Child Award for outstanding contributions to the glass and ceramic decorating industries, and Frank Child was honored prior to the presentation as the Honorary Chair of DECO ’08.

Discovery Award winners were selected by a panel of judges who reviewed each category and chose winners by consensus. The judging panel for this year included Paul Duffer, past president of SGCD; Lynda Portelli, Imagine Tile (who excused herself from tile judging); and Joe Cattaneo of the Glass Packaging Institute. Winners included:

Design Excellence Awards
Food Container, Glass-Custom Deco
Beverage Container-Graphix Technologies
Commercial/Architectural-Imagine Tile
Specialty Premium-Libbey Glass
Specialty Novelty & Souvenir/Glass-Libbey Glass
Specialty Novelty & Souvenir/Ceramic-Allen Co.
Specialty Innovation/Glass-Custom Deco
Casual Tabletop/Glass-Libbey Glass
Casual Tabletop/Ceramic-Lenox
Formal Tabletop/Ceramic-Lenox
Foodservice/Glass-Libbey Glass

Technical Excellence Awards
Direct Screen Print/Glass-Libbey Glass
Indirect Transfer/Glass-Heinrich Decal
Custom Tile-Imagine Tile
Grit or Sandblast Glass-Libbey Glass

The Vandenoever Award winner from Imagine Tile.

Special Awards

Two Discovery entries were also honored with the Vandenoever Award and the Judges’ Award for overall merit, in addition to design and technical awards. Imagine Tile won the Vandenoever Award, while the Judges’ Award was presented to Custom Deco.

The Vandenoever Award winner was created using a new process that begins with the application of glazes to ceramic tile in much the same way a printer applies ink to a page. When the tile is fired at extremely high temperatures, the glaze and tile literally fuse and the design becomes a permanent part of the tile. During this process, additional layers of glaze are added to create a relief effect.

The Judges’ Award-winning red wine bottle was produced in seven stages. It was first treated with a resist prior to the aluminum plating process, which gives the appearance of a burnt paper pattern when sprayed. The bottle was then vacuum metallized with an aluminum plating, and the resist was removed after the plating process. A red matte full-organic spray was then applied, followed by a black matte feathered organic spray at the top of the neck and bottom of the base. The final steps included direct screen organic imprints on the neck and side wall.

The SGCD was founded in 1963 and now serves a record number of decorators and vendors to the decorating industry. The DECO 2009 trade show and technical seminar, including the Discovery Awards program, will take place March 28-31 in Las Vegas, Nev.

For additional information regarding the Discovery Awards or SGCD membership, call (740) 588-9882 or visit www.sgcd.org.

Editor’s note: Photos by Andrew Wagner, Andrew Wagner Photography, Sewickley, Pa.