Ceramic Industry


March 1, 2009

Following the inauguration on January 20, custom-made engraved crystal bowls were presented to President Obama and Vice President Biden.

“We knew six months ago that no matter how people voted on November 4, this was going to be a historic new administration,” said Carder. “It was a conscious decision to return to the original design of the crystal bowl. We wanted to welcome the newly elected president and vice president into office with a classic and beautiful piece that truly embodies the energy and excitement felt by the American people.”

The presidential crystal bowl shows an image of the White House flanked by cherry trees. The vice presidential crystal bowl depicts the Capitol building, also flanked by blooming cherry trees. Rotating the bowls 360 degrees provides panoramic views of both American landmarks from different angles through the trees. The two bowls were created using a combination of etching and hand cutting. Each bowl rests on an engraved, hand-cut optical crystal plinth with faceted cuts. President Obama’s bowl is engraved with his name, “The Presidential Inauguration” and “January 20, 2009.” A similar bowl was presented to Vice President Biden.

“It is a great privilege to create the inaugural gift from the American people for the incoming president and vice president,” said Marc Pfefferle, chief executive officer of Lenox, Inc. “For 20 years, we have been honored with this responsibility, and our revered design and glass- cutting artists always respond with a unique and meaningful creation.”

For additional information regarding the inaugural bowls, contact Lenox at (800) 63-LENOX or visit www.Lenox..com.