Ceramic Industry

Spheric Technologies Awarded Exclusive License by Penn State (10/3/06)

October 3, 2006
Spheric Technologies, Inc. has contracted with The Penn State Research Foundation to become the exclusive U.S. licensee for a group of patents covering the use of microwave technology to sinter powdered metal components and other materials for industrial use. Spheric has also established relationships with international manufacturers of industrial microwaving equipment to become the exclusive U.S. importer/distributor of microwave systems specifically designed to utilize the Penn State patents.

Company President Joseph Hines said Spheric will market a systems package, consisting of microwave furnaces paired with technology utilization sublicenses. The company also plans to produce sputtering targets, used in the production of semiconductors, flat panel displays and other hi-tech products.

For more information, call (602) 218-9292 or visit www.SphericTechnologies.com.