Ceramic Industry

Spheric Technologies Enters Marketing Agreement with Victec Europe

September 29, 2010

Spheric Technologies Inc. has inked an international cooperative marketing agreement with Victec Europe Ltd. Both companies develop microwave technology, equipment and applications, and each has exclusive territorial rights for the sale of microwave furnaces built by Synotherm Corp. Ltd.; Spheric markets the furnaces in North, Central and South America, while Victec markets throughout Europe. Spheric Technologies and Victec have agreed to share microwave technology, applications, and customer information from within their territories “for the benefit of mutual growth and development of the overall microwave industry.”

“Ultimately, we may establish a joint venture or other entity with shared ownership by Spheric and Victec,” said Joseph Hines, Spheric Technologies chairman. “Our companies are determined to fully exploit the largely virgin industrial markets for high-temperature, computerized microwave furnaces across all of Europe and the Western Hemisphere. As news spreads of the ability of our systems to cut processing time by up to 90% and energy use by 80% while producing stronger, finer-grained parts with less deformation or cracking, our companies are receiving more inquiries from around the world. With our new marketing agreement in place, we are better able to capitalize on all such business opportunities.”

For more information, visit www.spherictech.com or http://micro-wave.eu/page1.aspx.