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Stedman Receives State Resolution for Anniversary (posted 8/24/09)

August 24, 2009

Stedman recently received a state concurrent resolution in honor of the company’s 175th anniversary in 2009. The resolution was presented to Dennis Gilmour, president of Stedman, by Johnny Nugent, Indiana state senator for the ninth district.

Established in 1834, Stedman is based in Aurora, Ind. The company has a long history of providing customers with innovative solutions for size reduction and bulk material processing applications. Stedman’s founder, Nathan Stedman, is credited with inventing the cage mill. The company continues to refine size reduction equipment innovations to deliver superior value to customers.

Stedman manufactures equipment for crushing, pulverizing, fine grinding and blending a broad range of materials. The company also operates a complete testing facility staffed by experienced technicians. Equipped with field-sized equipment, the testing facility enables customers to witness crushing results, power consumption and machine operations.

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