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Strained Silicon on the Rise in Semiconductor Applications

February 11, 2010

According to “Strained Silicon: A Global Strategic Business Report” from Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the global strained silicon sector is driven by the fact that the semiconductor industry is fast approaching the physical limits in geometric scaling, forcing the players to look for alternate advanced technologies to achieve superior device performance. The ever-expanding technological horizon and emergence of newer technologies at a rapid pace has also drastically reduced the payback period of invested capital for device manufacturers worldwide.

In addition, the investment required for establishing a state-of-the art manufacturing facility has increased rapidly, resulting in a shortening of the gap between the payback period and the active productive life of the acquired assets. Thus, it becomes imperative for manufacturers to look for options to utilize their assets for a longer period, yet remain technologically competitive in the market. Strained silicon technology perfectly fits the bill by enabling manufacturers to stretch the life of their facilities while keeping pace with technology.

The global market for strained silicon is expected to cross $3.5 billion by 2015. Strained silicon provides manufacturers with a potent option to increase the performance of their device without adopting newer technology, by means of increasing the number of transistors on the chip. Thus, the use of strained silicon is set to grow significantly in the near future, as more and more device manufacturers across various domains are showing interest in strained silicon-related material technologies.

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