Ceramic Industry

Sun Chemical Increases North American Specialty Inks Prices (posted 8/18/08)

August 18, 2008

Faced with continued increases in raw materials and operating costs, Sun Chemical’s Specialty Inks Group will increase prices by 6-10% on all products sold in North America, effective September 1, 2008. “The printing ink industry continues to experience unprecedented increases in the supply chain of all our raw materials,” said Mike Kellen, director of product management. “These increases are directly and indirectly related to crude oil increases, as well as large swings in the manufacturing capacity of some of the primary raw material manufacturers.”

In addition to record crude oil and raw materials costs, other factors driving up costs include transportation, tight supply/demand balance for oil, a weakening dollar, and the attractiveness of commodity markets as alternative investments. “Unfortunately, these markets will continue to be under pressure for the foreseeable future,” said Kellen. “Sun Chemical is committed to continue providing our customers with innovative products, services and constant supply, allowing them to present the best value propositions in the market.”

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