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Superior Graphite Receives Award From The Nam

January 3, 2001
Superior Graphite Co. received top industry honors for workplace excellence in developing and producing graphite that makes alkaline batteries last longer. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) congratulated Superior Graphite for being No. 1 in Workforce Excellence among a number of small U.S. companies. The award recognizes the exemplary work of the company's Battery Manufacturing Team, which developed new graphite that extends alkaline battery life by 31%. NAM recognized the team for its ingenuity and speed in identifying a market need, developing a product to fill that need and implementing a production plan. "The team perfected a unique production method for a new product that revolutionizes the alkaline battery," said Edward Carney, Superior Graphite's president. "Thanks to the members and the work of many other people, Superior Graphite has attained worldwide recognition." Team members singled out for their special efforts included: Jim Bruley, Luis Diaz, Robert Diaz, Denis Murphy, Lino Tijerina, Gabriel Zambrano, Arnulfo Zepeda and Luis Zepeda.

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