Ceramic Industry

Superior MicroPowders: Low-fire Pastes

October 17, 2001
Superior MicroPowders, LLC (SMP) recently launched a new series of low-fire electronic pastes at the International Microelectroncis & Advanced Packaging Society (IMAPS) Meeting and Exhibition in Baltimore, Md. SMP has developed a unique class of conductor, resistor and dielectric pastes for electronic applications. These materials are designed to fire at extremely low temperatures (less than 300C), unlike more traditional materials used throughout the industry. The ability of these pastes to fire at low temperature enables the use of less expensive polymeric substrates and a wider variety of glass and ceramic-based substrates, as well as increased processing flexibility. Furthermore, many of these low-fire formulations have been designed for fine line printing by both traditional screen-printing methods, as well as more advanced digital methods such as micro-syringe and ink-jet printing, and have been shown to deposit features as fine as 1 mil.

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