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Survey: 90% of Homeowners Find Brick Appealing

June 4, 2010
Low maintenance, fire resistance, resale value, sustainability and energy efficiency rank highest among brick’s appealing attributes.

A recent survey conducted online by Harris Interactive finds that 90% of all homeowners find aspects of brick homes appealing. The study was commissioned by Boral Bricks, Inc., to determine consumer appreciation for key attributes of brick.

The survey, conducted in April, surveyed 2449 U.S. adults, 1618 of whom were homeowners. Respondents were asked: Which of the following aspects of a home with brick siding, if any, do homeowners find appealing? Answers given included appearance, fire resistance, low maintenance, resale value, energy efficiency and sustainability. Among homeowners, 90% found attributes of brick homes appealing. Appearance (71%), low maintenance (68%) and fire resistance (49%) ranked highest on the list of attributes homeowners most like about brick. Resale value, sustainability and energy efficiency qualities were appealing aspects of brick to 45% of respondents.

"The survey results surprised us in some regards," said Bob Kepford, president of Boral Bricks, Inc. "We knew consumers liked the appearance of brick, but thought both sustainability and energy efficiency would rank higher for homeowners. Now, more than ever, it is important to educate homeowners of the environmental benefits of using brick, which include, among other things, low maintenance and energy efficiency."

According to U.S. Census data on siding for new homes, builders have increasingly opted for lap siding products over the last 10 years. The 2007 census data show that 25% of homes built that year featured brick as the primary siding material, while 59% of homeowners prefer brick to other sidings, according to an August Harris Survey.

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