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April 25, 2011
Should overqualified, highly educated workers be passed over for entry-level jobs if there are no other jobs available?

We asked readers in last week’s CI CyberNews CyberPoll if overqualified, highly educated workers should be passed over for entry-level jobs if there are no other jobs available. Most of the respondents (76.5%) answered no, while the remainder (23.5%) do think those workers should be passed over.

Comments included:

“It seems to me like no matter what your qualifications/experience, employers often overlook all this to fill the empty position. If you’re ‘overqualified,’ hopefully you'll move up quickly.

“If they are willing to work for the compensation of the entry level, of course not.”

“It’s not about if there are not other jobs available for the ‘overqualified.’ It is about the question: can the company find someone else who will do the job just as well and require less pay. Right now, everybody needs a job. Even if the overqualified will work for the same compensation as those who are right qualified, the company has to consider the possibility of the overqualified person trying to move up, possibly at another company, as soon as possible.”

“Maybe they can see improvements or have knowledge that is of real value. They have learned how to think and apply that learning.”

“When the job market shifts, those workers will leave and take the job that matches their skill set and pay level.”

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