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Survey Says!

August 9, 2011
Many baby boomers say they will continue to work past the age of retirement becuase they are concerned about their future financial security. What are your thoughts on this issue?

In last week’s CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers if they would work past the age of 65 if Social Security funding is scaled back and the economy is still struggling. The majority of respondents (80%) answered yes, while the remainder were split between not being willing to work past 65 and uncertainty (10% each).

Comments included:

“I would if I had to, of course. It is rather disturbing that the revenue for Social Security that is used to pay today’s seniors is from my taxes, which are no assurance of my own assistance later. It would be a real shame to pay taxes my whole working life for other people only to have it ‘scaled back’ when I need it later.”

“I’ve paid these taxes all of my life. 50% of the population aren’t paying any taxes as I write. Get them off of the pay-out roles. This is total BS and a scare tactic to Boomers. I will vote with my clout and wallet against this malarkey.”

“Do people still retire at 65?”

“By the time I’m 65, the retirement age will certainly be older than 65.”

“Do I have a choice? No social security and a lousy economy.”

One reader who answered yes said, “But only if I want to enjoy the premium brand of cat food.”

One of the readers who answered no said, “I’ll buy everything with my good looks!”

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