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Health Insurance Debate

December 5, 2011
In last week’s CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked if the U.S. government should be allowed to require individuals to buy health insurance. The question clearly struck a cord with many of our readers.

In last week’s CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers if the U.S. government should be allowed to require individuals to buy health insurance. The majority of respondents (71.9%) answered no, while 21.9% do think government-mandated health insurance is acceptable and 6.2% are unsure.

Comments included:

“Yes, because, in the end, if someone is sick and ends up in the ER, the taxpayer has to pay for it in case the person cannot. Moreover, it is usually better and cheaper for the individual (as well as society) to do regular check-ups to detect illnesses instead of noticing something late, and the therapy might end up being more complicated and expensive.”

“It would be a shame if, years in the future, my grandkids sat around the dinner table declaring that, ‘In the old days, the only thing government forced us to spend money on was taxes.’ This should not be confused with the requirement to purchase car insurance. You actually have a choice. If you do not want to buy car insurance, you do not buy a car. If you do not want to pay for a business license, don’t start a business. If you do not want to pay the toll, go around. It’s your choice how you spend your money (with the exception of taxes). Where do the government-mandated purchases stop? Should we force everyone to spend X dollars a month to buy a house or pay rent since shelter is a necessity? Should we force everyone to buy a certain quantity of healthy food since this is required to live? These sound ridiculous now but, 50 years ago, so did government-mandated health insurance. This is a very slippery slope that we have stepped onto!”

“I’m tired of free-loaders not paying into the system when they are healthy, then wanting full coverage when they get sick.”

“The U.S. government has NO right to order us to buy health insurance! What a joke! The U.S. government is a total and complete mess!! Why can’t the politicians realize that our own government is the single biggest problem every American faces! Whatever has happened to the concept of ‘by the people and for the people.’ What we have now is, unfortunately, more like ‘by the politicians and for the benefit of the politicians.’”

“On the one hand, people should be allowed to fend for themselves and make their own choices. But, when people don’t have insurance, and we pick up either their Medicaid bill or charity care in the emergency room, then we are all better off if the gov’t requires us to buy health insurance.”

“If the government is going to write laws such that hospitals and doctors have to treat everyone, it is better to make everyone have insurance rather than having the uninsured add costs on top of everyone else. If, on the other hand, the government is going to let people make their own choices about their own health insurance, the government is going to have to actually let people face the results of their choices. The situation gets more complex when we start to consider people who truly can’t afford insurance...”

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