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Jobs' Greatest Innovation

October 19, 2011
Apple's co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs will be remembered as a visionary. In last week's CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers which product represented Jobs' greatest innovation. Do you agree with them?

In last week’s CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers which product was Steve Jobs’ greatest innovation. Responses were as follows:
  • Max OS X Operating System: 31.6%
  • iPad: 21.0%
  • iPod: 15.8%
  • Other/none of the above: 10.5%
  • iTunes: 10.5%
  • iMac: 5.3%
  • iPhone: 5.3%
Comments included:

“iPad, only because in college during the 90s a journalism professor predicted we would get all our news and communication from some kind of electronic tablet! Dr. Nostradamus was correct after all. Personally, I don’t like Apple products but I certainly recognize their great influence and innovation.”

“Media has blown him over the top. No doubt he was an inventor and innovator; however, many others have made equal or greater impact on digital world than Jobs, e.g., MS Office, Intel chips, Google, Yahoo, Facebooks, Amazon, eBay, etc. I have never owned an Apple products since other brands work fine for me and meet my needs.”

“iPod cause it started a revolution in the way of doing business. And iTunes because it integrates into the devices and allows people to buy/sell their wares.”

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