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Republican Presidential Debates

November 28, 2011
Are the Republican presidential debates a waste of time or must-see TV?

In last week’s CI CyberNews CyberPoll, we asked readers if they’ve been watching the Republican presidential debates. Responses were as follows:
  • No, it’s a waste of time: 41.7%
  • Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t: 33.3%
  • Yes, it’s must-see TV for me: 20.8%
  • Other: 4.2%
Comments included:

“I have not seen a ‘debate’ for decades; these Q&As are not debates. People are looking and not getting substance.”

“If I want to see clowns, I will go to the circus.”

“Based on what little I’ve seen and considering the qualifications and views of each of these contenders, I conclude that the U.S. is in a world of hurt when it comes to any of the presidential hopefuls being able to move the country forward in a positive way.”

“I catch the highlights on the web.”

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