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March 14, 2011
According to a recent report, the U.S. needs to encourage vocational education as a viable alternative to a college education. Do you consider college to be a prerequisite to success, or should kids be pointed toward vocational schools to learn job skills?

Last week’s CI CyberNews CyberPoll focused on education. We asked readers if they consider college to be a prerequisite to success, or if kids should be pointed toward vocational schools to learn job skills. Responses broke out as follows:
  • College isn't for everyone. Mentors should encourage students to attend technical or vocational schools if college is not a good fit: 82.1%
  • Neither college nor a vocational education guarantees future success: 14.3%
  • Everyone should have a traditional college education; it is the only way to succeed: 3.6%
      Comments included:

      “Apprenticeship is still a workable option, even in some technical fields, along with some focused course work.”

      “We live in a plutocracy for one thing, and success is dependent on genetics and lucky upbringing more than education, for another. “

      “Most definitely, I see a trend where many young people are understandably shunning the traditional college education. Clearly, education is critically important to success; however, with out-of-control increases in college tuition, together with oftentimes poor prospects for employment even after attaining a college degree, many will opt for the vocational education route. There is also a trend for lower-cost, online, nontraditional educational opportunities. There will always be a need for traditional college degrees and advanced degrees. But there will be an increasing number of students who select the vocational/trade school route as a more realistic and more cost-effective pathway to their success. (submitted by a Ph.D. scientist)”

      “But will there be any manufacturing jobs left in the USA for vocational training? Time to stop buying Chinese products!”

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