Ceramic Industry

Sweco: Decanter Centrifuges

September 3, 2002
Max V. Richey, president of Sweco, recently announced that his company will offer a complete line of decanter centrifuges and other products from its sister company, Swaco. The integration of technologies from the two divisions will allow Sweco to compete in the environmental waste, food and chemical markets. "Before integrating the technologies, our vibratory equipment would separate particles as small as 44 microns," Richey said. "Now with Sweco's new centrifuge line, we can develop complete separation systems to handle high-volume, wet process applications down to 1 micron." The new line includes six models that offer operating speeds from 1200 to 3750 rpm, generate centrifugal force from 400 to 2800 Gs and have processing capacities up to 300 gpm.

For more information, call (859) 283-8400 or visit http://www.sweco.com.