Ceramic Industry

Sweco: FlexMill

January 19, 2004
Sweco recently introduced the FlexMill, a round mill that will finish up to five batches of different parts at the same time. Designed for flexible, efficient production runs of small product batches, the FlexMill subjects the parts and media to a high-frequency finishing action. This results in a compressive scrubbing action that cleans, removes burrs, rounds out sharp corners and smoothes out surface imperfections. The FlexMill uses the company's patented Vibro-Energy(R) motion and five two-liter or three four-liter chambers that can each run separate products either with or without media and/or compound. Each 6- or 8-in. pot has a capacity of 1/16 or 1/8 cubic foot, respectively.

For additional information, call (859) 727-5116 or e-mail jeff.dierig@sweco.com .