Ceramic Industry

Sweco: Integrated Screen Press

June 11, 2002
The integrated screen press from Sweco is a vibratory screener and screw press that complement each other, working in unison to form a dynamic dewatering system that delivers maximum flow capacity, separation efficiency and dryness of solids. "All screeners have the same problem of blinding," said John Greenrose, Sweco engineer and inventor of the new press. "If you run fluids into them too fast, the screens can get blinded over, and the next thing you know you're dumping water in with solids. And that's the point of the integrated screen press. It's a simple, low-cost way to keep your solids in one place and your liquids in another." Designed to work in conjunction with a vibratory separator, the press is well suited to many dewatering applications.

A video that demonstrates the integrated screen press and its applications is available. For more information, call (800) 80SWECO, e-mail info@sweco.com or visit http://www.sweco.com.