Ceramic Industry

Sweco: Non-Vibrating Screen Changer

March 18, 2003
Sweco recently introduced an innovative screen changer for round separators. Dubbed the Non-Vibrating QuickChange system, the new changer reduces the time needed to change screens by up to 75% and eliminates concerns of wear and stress on screen changers normally caused by the machine's vibration during processing. The system's patent-pending "outrigger design" uses a set of closed-loop hydraulic lifting cylinders mounted off the base of the unit, isolating them from any separator vibration. One person can operate the system, greatly reducing the necessary labor and eliminating the need to involve maintenance crews. Powered by a self-contained hydraulic unit, the system does not require any outside utility hook-ups, and no staging area is needed during screen changes.

For additional information, call (859) 727-5116 or e-mail jeff.dierig@sweco.com .