Ceramic Industry

Sweco: Wave Slider Screen Cleaning Slider

July 13, 2002
Sweco recently introduced the Wave Slider, a highly improved design of its screen cleaning sliders. Sliders are a critical component in the company's self cleaning kits and help prevent particles from lodging in the openings of separation screens, a clogging phenomenon also known as blinding. The Wave Slider's innovative profile results in rounded edges with integrated wear indicators. Laboratory testing at Sweco has shown the cleaning action of the Wave Slider to be equal to or better than flat top designs. The new design's rounded edges reduce the area of contact with a separation screen to minimize screen wear, but maintain high performance. Flat surfaces used in previous designs allowed abrasive solids to impregnate the slider's surface and increase screen abrasion. The new Wave Slider significantly reduces abrasive impregnation in the sliders.

The company's website is located at http://www.sweco.com.