Ceramic Industry

Tecnargilla Design Award to Showcase 13 Companies

August 26, 2010

The first Tecnargilla Design Award will take place this year, a competition created to celebrate the latest technological innovations applied to the ceramics industry. Tecnargilla 2010 will take place September 27-October 1 in Riminy, Italy.

Thirteen companies are scheduled to participate: Colorobbia Italia, Esmalglass-Itaca, Euromeccanica, Intesa, Kerajet, Poligraph, Sertam, Siti – B&T Group, System Group, Vidres, Tecnoferrari, Torrecid, and TSC. Their displays will be judged by a jury comprising creative directors and technical directors of ceramic firms, media outlets, and tile retailers, as well as ACIMAC President Pietro Cassani.

The exhibit is sponsored Xaar Group, a producer of print heads. Additional information is available at www.tecnargilla.it.