Ceramic Industry

TevTech: Sintering System

July 18, 2005

TevTech, LLC was recently contracted by ADMA Products, Inc. to design and build a titanium sintering system. The system, which will be delivered in December 2005, includes a molybdenum and stainless steel hot zone capable of obtaining 1350ÂșC, a mechanical and diffusion pump combination, and PLC control. ADMA will reportedly use this system for sintering powder metallurgy flat products (125 in. long by 52 in. wide plates, sheets and foils) and large "chunky" components being produced from titanium and advanced titanium alloy powders. TevTech provides turnkey high-temperature vacuum furnace systems, support equipment and engineering solutions for the materials processing industry.

For additional information, call (978) 694-9100, e-mail Johnd@tevtechllc.com or visit http://www.tevtechllc.com. ADMA's website is located at http://www.admaproducts.com.