Ceramic Industry

Thermal Ceramics: High-Temp Fiber Cements

February 25, 2002
Thermal Ceramics has introduced a line of new and improved high temperature fiber cements with a use limit up to 2300F. These air-setting products, which may be used for dip or brush application, include Cera-Kote(R) cement, a light gray, medium-viscosity, standard-duty cement; Cera-Kote 322-D cement, a white, high-viscosity, high-strength, premium cement; and Kaowool(R) cement B, a white, low-viscosity, premium-grade cement. These fiber cement products feature long shelf life and excellent bonding strength. Through the use of innovative material technology, their shelf life has been improved to > six months when stored properly, and their bonding strength has increased to 150-250 psi (an increase of 25 - 50% vs. the previous cement products offered). Applications for the new high-temperature cements include adhering various forms of ceramic fiber products together; joining metal elements, foils, etc. to insulation material; and bonding a range of dense ceramic parts.