Ceramic Industry

Thermal Ceramics: Insulating Firebrick

July 9, 2001
Thermal Ceramics, a division of the Morgan Crucible Co., England, has recently introduced a new product, K(R)-26 IFB. Historically, 2600F grade insulating firebrick have been relatively dense materials, generally produced by a pressing or wet compaction process. In 1998 Thermal Ceramics began extensive development efforts with the aim to produce a 2600F insulating firebrick using the company's unique casting process. The result of these efforts is the new K-26 IFB. Until now the advantages of the casting process -- more micro-porosity which improves thermal conductivity -- were not available in a 2600-degree brick. At a mean temperature of 2000F, the K-26 IFB performs equivalent to lower temperature IFB such as the K(R)-23 and the K(R)-25 on thermal conductivity value and substantially outperforms ceramic fiber blanket at temperatures higher than 2000F. And at a density of 40 lbs/ft(3), K-26 IFB is roughly equivalent to K-25 (2500) IFB.

The company's website is located at http://www.thermalceramics.com .