Ceramic Industry

Thermal Ceramics: Moldable Material

October 24, 2006
Thermal Ceramics recently announced the development of its latest product, Superfil™ 607 Moldable. This wet mastic material, based on Superwool® 607 biosoluble amorphous wool, is supplied ready-to-use, direct from the pail or caulking tube. Superfil 607 Moldable is good for continuous use up to 2000ºF (1100ºC) with minimal shrinkage and high strength. Common uses for non-ceramic fiber Superfil 607 Moldable include the repair/re-insulation of furnace lining cracks and the covering of metal hardware, as well as general patching needs. Due to its non-wetting ability by molten aluminum, the product is ideal for application in aluminum-containing troughs, boxes and furnaces.pFor additional information, call (706) 796-4200 or visit www.thermalceramics.com.