Ceramic Industry

Thermal Ceramics: New Line of Fiber-Based Products

May 20, 2005
Thermal Ceramics recently announced the development of a new line of fiber-based moldable and pumpable products under the brand name Kaofil. Available materials are 2300F rated (2000F recommended operating temperature) and 2600F rated (2400F operating temperature) grades, and they both feature a smooth consistency and easy workability while also having excellent strength and low shrinkage properties. Kaofil products are packaged in 1 and 5 gal pails, as well as 11 3/4 oz. and 40 oz. tube cartridges. The Kaofil Pumpable products can be installed with piston and diaphragm pumping equipment, and they are well suited for hot spot repair in utility boilers, HRSG units, blast furnace stoves and other industrial furnaces. Kaofil Moldable standard and HT grades feature good tackiness and can be used in a wide variety of repair or joint filling applications in the ferrous, non-ferrous and commercial markets.

For additional information, call (706) 796 4313, e-mail wevans@thermalceramics.com or visit http://www.thermalceramics.com.