Ceramic Industry

Thermal Ceramics: One Component Insulating Pumpables

June 24, 2004

With today's energy costs at such high levels, companies cannot afford to have gaps or voids in their furnace refractory lining that allow valuable heat to escape. Thermal Ceramics offers several products that do an outstanding job sealing up these damaged areas in the existing lining construction, both on the cold face and hot face surfaces. The company offers four pumpable product options, with the selection dependent on the temperature, strength and cost factors of the job: Kaowool Pumpable XTP, a 2000F temperature capable, high-quality pumpable that is very strong and thermally stable up to its use limit; Kaowool Pumpable TP, a 2000F rated, standard duty pumpable product with excellent insulating characteristics; Kaowool Pumpable HT, a 2400F rated, low shrinkage product suitable for applications at elevated temperatures; and Therm-O-Hot Patch, an economical 1800F vermiculite based product that can be pumped or sprayed.

The company's website is located at http://www.thermalceramics.com