Ceramic Industry

Thermal Source Launches New Web Portal

November 1, 2000
Thermal Source has launched a new version of its website. “Our mission is to enable industry professionals needing very specific expertise and information to quickly find it,” said Steve Mortensen, founder and president. “The depth and detail of our searchable resources is now on a rapid expansion path. Many powerful capabilities will be added to the site during the next few months.”

Founded in August 1999, Thermal Source currently has over 4,000 industry suppliers in its highly detailed database, making it a unique and powerful web resource for industry professionals. Every month, thousands of visitors find very specific products, services and technical information quickly and efficiently on the site.

The new website enables users to post and search for resumes, job openings, news releases, meetings and events, and more. “We now enable suppliers with used and surplus goods to list them on the site free of charge. We do not make a commission on goods sold. This is very different from most e-commerce portals,” Mortensen said.

The site also helps users locate particularly hard-to-find products and services. “Engineers often contact us, frustrated that they’ve not been able to locate suitable suppliers through other means,” said Mortensen. “Thermal Source is developing a reputation as being the first place they should look.”