Ceramic Industry

Thermal Technology Inc.: Laboratory Hot Press

February 25, 2002
Thermal Technology Inc. recently shipped a laboratory hot press system with a newly designed load frame to the University of South Florida. According to Dr. George S. Nolas of the university's physics department, the new hot press system will be used for research involving novel materials with superior properties for electronics and optics applications. The hot press system is a key part of an integrated laboratory designed for the synthesis and characterization of these advanced materials. The press, model HP20-4560-20, features a design in which the graphite furnace system is a coaxial cylindrical chamber that raises to afford easy access to the press tooling. The furnace portion of the hot press system is the same graphite hot zone system that has been used successfully for decades in hundreds of Labmaster furnaces. The furnace system has a 20 KVA SCR controlled power supply and is rated at 2000C.

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