Ceramic Industry

Thermal Technology Receives Orders for Sapphire Crystal Grower

February 25, 2011

Thermal Technology announced it recently received 59 orders for its model K1 90 kg sapphire crystal grower from customers in Taiwan, Korea and China. These growers will produce a total of 5.2 million TIE (two-in-equivalents) per year.

The sapphire crystal grower advances beyond the traditional kyropoulos process and out-performs other sapphire crystal growth methods currently being marketed, such as HEM or Bridgman, according to the company.

“I recently returned from our customer’s site in Taiwan, where they ceremoniously unveiled a perfect 90 kg crystal grown in our K1 system,” said Matt Mede, president and CEO of Thermal Technology. “It made the evening news. They own 14 K1 systems that are being used for LED substrate production.”

The model K1 gGrower is intended for LED substrate production. The tool’s short cycle time reportedly makes it the most productive grower commercially available.

For additional details, visit www.thermaltechnologyinc.com.