Ceramic Industry

Thermal Technology's Sapphire Crystal Grower Produces Commercial-Grade Crystal in China

June 24, 2011

Thermal Technology recently announced that its model K1 sapphire crystal grower was used by Hefei Crystalbridge Optoelectronic Materials Co. Ltd. to produce China’s first commercial-grade sapphire crystal of nearly 100kg. Crystalbridge estimates these crystals will yield 4000 mm of “two inch equivalent” (TIE) rods, or about 5700 high-quality 2-in. substrates. Crystalbridge grew the crystal in 14 days, an increase in productivity of more than 25% compared to most other Chinese producers.

“Achieving this milestone only one month from equipment move-in demonstrates our ability to operationally execute and to become a key supplier in the global LED market,” said Chen Jun, general manager of Crystalbridge.

The model K1 sapphire crystal grower is now in startup at multiple customers in China. The K1 uses a modified kyropoulos (KY) technology, combining the proven high crystal quality of kyropoulos with proprietary seeding, automation and process control capability to result in the highest productivity levels available.

“We researched multiple crystal growth technologies prior to making our selection,” Chen said. “We chose Thermal Technology’s K1 because KY technology is proven to yield very high quality substrates and is in successful production at a majority of the largest sapphire producers in the world. The K1 cycle time is 25-30% faster than other alternatives, so each of our systems can produce 25,000 to 30,000 substrates more per year than our competitors using HEM or other alternatives.”

For additional details, visit www.thermaltechnology.com.