Ceramic Industry

TKF, Inc.: Continuous Vertical Conveyor

January 7, 2002
TKF, Inc. recently designed and built six model 180 continuous vertical conveyor systems, each with a capacity of 6000 pounds -- 50% larger than any system the company has manufactured before. Designated the model 180 because it uses RC 180 lifting chains, each conveyor system has five pallet zones of accumulation and is totally reversing. Powered by a 30 Hp motor and rated for 12,000 pounds, the conveyors can process three loads a minute with two pallets carrying 6000 pounds in process at any one time, loading and unloading in a Z pattern. Custom-designed for a plant in Mexico, the conveyor systems will transport pallets measuring 4 x 8 ft. Installed in a pit, the conveyors will load at floor level and lift 27 ft, 4 in. to the second floor.

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