Ceramic Industry

Toshiba Corp.: Color Polymer OLED

June 14, 2001
Toshiba Corp. recently announced that it has developed the world's first prototype of a full-color polymer organic light emitting display (OLED), a 2.85-in. display supporting 260,000 colors in Q-CIF format and a 64-level (6-bit) gray scale. The breakthrough display was achieved by development of technology for forming a light-emitting polymer film on a low temperature polysilicon thin film transistor (TFT) array. The company expects to commercialize OLED in April 2002. An OLED displays data via an organic light-emitting diode in the pixels formed on a TFT array. The display itself emits light and has no need of the backlight required by LCDs, opening the way to thinner, lighter display panels that consume less power. OLEDs also offer the faster response time required for motion pictures and support a wider viewing angle.

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