Ceramic Industry

Tosoh Announces Interim Consolidated Results

November 20, 2001
Tosoh Corp. recently announced its consolidated figures for the first half of fiscal 2001 (April 2, 2001-March 31, 2002). The company posted net sales of JPY 202.9 billion, a decrease of JPY 1.5 billion from the first half of last year. Operating income totaled JPY 7.2 billion, down by JPY 3.9 billion over the corresponding period of last year, and net income was JPY 0.5 billion, a decrease of JPY 2.4 billion. In the company's Specialty Group, ceramics, used in optical fiber connectors, saw a rise in demand and an increase in shipments. Quartz is still facing very low demand due to the present recession in the semiconductor industry. Net sales were up JPY 1.6 billion (3.4%) over the first half of fiscal 2000, bringing the total to JPY 47.8 billion. Operating income was JPY 4.7 billion, an increase of JPY 94 million (2.1%) over last year.

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