Ceramic Industry

Tosoh Doubles Zirconia Production Capacity

March 1, 2001
Tosoh Corp. will double its production capacity for zirconia powders to 1300 tons per year. Work on the expansion project at Tosoh's Nanyo complex is scheduled to begin in the spring with completion expected by autumn of this year. Tosoh presently commands a 60% share of the global zirconia market. The impending increase in production capacity has become necessary as high demand for zirconia is expected to continue, and it is thought that by the end of fiscal 2001 existing production facilities will be insufficient to cope with this demand. Tosoh produces yttria-stabilized zirconia powder. The advanced ceramics manufactured from this powder show superior strength and high fracture toughness, and are employed in various engineering applications. Tosoh's zirconia powders are also renowned for their consistent quality. The company now holds a 90% share of the world market for zirconia used in fiber optic connectors and other high performance products that require the maximum standards of quality and reliability.

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