Ceramic Industry

Tosoh Group Creates Synergies For Organic Intermediates

October 9, 2000
Three Tosoh Group companies have combined their expertise to develop and promote their organic intermediates operations. This strategy is expected to double their sales figures within three years. The three group companies include Tosoh Organic Chemical Co., Ltd., which produces a wide range of organic intermediates; Tosoh Finechem Corp. (formerly Tosoh Akzo Corp.), producers and custom synthesis specialists of organic intermediates; and F-Tech, Inc., reportedly one of the leading fluorochemicals producers in the world. Reinforcement of synergies among these companies is expected to enable the group to expand its product portfolio and develop products according to customer specifications. Catering to a wider range of customer needs will provide the collaboration with a more competitive edge. In addition, the companies have just launched a new website to introduce their organic intermediates operations to the global market. The new site will explain the various reaction technologies used in manufacturing processes and details some of the products developed by the group.