Ceramic Industry

Tosoh Realigns Its U.S. Silica Glass Material Sales Arm

December 18, 2000
Tosoh Corp. has announced that Nippon Silica Glass USA, Inc., will be renamed TOSOH SGM USA, Inc., effective January 1, 2001. It will continue to be the sales and distribution channel of silica glass materials, zirconia powders, and advanced ceramic products and materials in the USA for Tosoh Corp. As part of the quartz group unification process, Tosoh aims to further enhance its worldwide silica glass material line of business by bringing about a more efficient utilization of resources through the sharing of information and technology as well as research and development and marketing efforts.

For additional information, call (81) 3 5427 5101, fax (81) 3 5427 5195, or visit http://www.tosoh.com.